Wireless is the second episode of the fourth series of Still Game.

Series Name
Season 4, Episode 2
Air date 29 July 2005
Written by Ford Kiernan and Greg Hemphill
Directed by Michael Hines
Episode Guide
Kill Wullie


The episode opens in the Western General Hospital, where Tam works as the DJ. He is signing off for the night. As he is leaving the hospital, he sees his friend, Phil, lying in a bed. Phil says that he is to get a new pacemaker fitted and as a result, is going to miss his timeshare (holiday). Tam takes advantage of this and takes Phil's holiday for him.

The next morning, Jack, Victor and Winston give Tam a hard time for taking Phil's holiday off him. They also point out that Tam has a habit for conning the ill patients out of their possessions. Tam attempts to bribe Jack and Victor into covering for his radio show while he is away. They initially refuse, but Tam talks them into it by saying that the patients rely on him for the music.

Meanwhile, at Navid's shop, Navid is having an argument with a customer over the correct size of a family sized bag of Revels. After this, he goes to the toilet, but Meena is already in there. Navid is bursting for a pee. By the time Navid gets to the toilet, he finds he cannot pee.

Shortly afterwards, Isa meets Jack, Victor and Winston in the lift. She comments on how they both have bags of LP records. When the lads tell Isa about taking the hospital radio programme, Isa cannot help but tell them about Navid's bladder problem. Isa tries to get Winston to come with her to the dancing, but he refuses.

At the hospital, Tam shows Jack and Victor the ropes, then leaves.

As for Navid, the doctor is examining him, and is soon able to get Navid to pee. However, Navid has to get an operation to fully correct the problem.

At the dancing, Isa and her friends are having a great time. Isa comments to Liz that her husband, Kenny, is lazy for not turning up. However, Isa soon finds out that Kenny has recently died.

Jack and Victor find that being DJs is not as exciting as it sounds. They soon decide to liven things up by making their own show. They send Winston round the hospital, asking for requests. Navid requests an Indian tune and an elderly patient, named Tommy, requests 'Rose Marie' by Nelson Eddy.

Isa apologises to Liz that she didn't know about Kenny's death. Liz forgives Isa, but expresses her guilt for still coming to the dancing, without Kenny. Isa tells Liz the story about her grandparents' garden and how her gran let it go to waste after her grandad died. Liz agrees that it is good to still go to the dancing.

Winston receives a phone call from Tam, wanting to borrow suncream. Winston tells Tam to come round for it. However, Winston pours the suncream down the sink, and replaces it with mayonaise to teach Tam a lesson.

Jack and Victor are enjoying their radio gig. They even interview an NHS representative about the waiting list for operations, but they insult him for talking rubbish. Winston sees Tommy being moved to another room. Tommy asks for his song, and a nurse explains to Winston that there is a chance that Tommy might die tonight. They have a look through the records, but they cannot find it. Winston sings the song to Jack and Victor and then has a flashback of Isa singing 'Rose Marie', earlier in the episode. He goes off to the Community Centre.

Navid goes to the toilet and finds he is able to urinate again without difficulty. He is satisfied.

At the Community Centre, Isa gives Winston the 'Rose Marie' LP on the condition that he takes part in the dancing. He struggles with the dancing on account of his false leg.

By the time Winston gets to the hospital, Tommy is about to die. They play the song as Tommy dies with his wife, Agnes, by his side. Agnes is furious with Jack and Victor because apparently, Rose Marie was Tommy's bit on the side. Agnes trashes the radio room, leaving Jack, Victor and Winston shocked.

After the credits roll, the lads are in the Clansman, waiting for Tam. They laugh at the sight of his sunburnt face.