Who's the daddy? is the sixth episode of the fourth series of Still Game.

Series Name
Season 4, Episode 6
Air date 26 August 2005
Written by Ford Kiernan and Greg Hemphill
Directed by Michael Hines
Episode Guide
Cold Turkey


The episode opens with Jack talking on the phone to his daughter, Fiona. Jack comments to Victor how he feels his life is sorted and says that he would be ready to accept death. This prompts an argument between Jack and Victor over Jack's theory of the grim reaper.

The pair decide to solve their argument over a pint. They remember too late that Boaby has organised a fancy dress party. Boaby, dressed as a Roman centurion is berating the regulars for their lack of participation, when Jack and Victor come in. Jack is dressed as Victor and vice versa. Boaby really appreciates the effort. A short while later, a man comes in and tells Boaby some bad news. The pub is to close on Friday, for demolition. After the man leaves, Isa comes in dressed as Madonna.

Next morning, Winston is in Navid's shop, asking Isa if it's true about the Clansman closing. Isa confirms the news. Winston jokes about the Clansman's demolition, comparing it to the Hiroshima bombing of 1945. Jack and Victor rebuke Winston for his flippancy, and contragulate Navid for organising a protest to save the Clansman. They tell Winston that he should be helping them out.

Later on, the three men are standing outside the Clansman in the pouring rain, asking passers by to sign the petition, without much luck. Then, Chris Howden, the property developer who wants to demolish the Clansman, arrives. Chris offers to buy the men a pint. They initially refuse, but then agree because they normally take a pint at this time of day. After a while, the men enjoy themselves with Chris. Jack asks Chris why does he want to demolish the pub. Chris explains that miner cottages used to stand on the site of the Clansman. His mother was brought up in one of them. Since his mother died the previous year, Chris wants to rebuild the houses, in memory of her. He reveals that his mother's name was Jenny Turnbull. The name makes Winston shudder.

At Jack's house, Winston is telling Jack and Victor that he used to be Jenny's boyfriend and had sex with her. Winston knows that only he can be Chris' father. Victor admits that he also had sex with Jenny and so does Jack, which really annoys Winston. However, Winston soon realises that it is daft fighting over things that happened a long time ago.

Jack and Victor find Winston in the Clansman with an old photograph of Jack, Victor, Winston and Jenny. Boaby asks the three men what's wrong with them. They confess to Boaby about "knowing Chris' mother". Boaby is disgusted, but is also happy at the prospect of one of the men being Chris' father. This could save the pub, as no one would demolish their father's local pub. Isa has seen them chatting and tries to get the information out of Boaby. After a few minutes, Boaby is forced to reveal the secret to Isa.

Winston is spying on Chris through his office. Chris invites him in to have a look at the plans for the cottages. The racing is on the TV, and the two men are shouting at the TV. Winston is shell shocked, as this makes him believe he truly is Chris' father.

At Victor's house, Jack and Victor are discussing the problems of telling their families about the extra member. Winston comes in and tells them that he is Chris' father. Jack jokes to Winston that he now owes Chris fifty years worth of pocket money.

Next morning, Victor meets Chris in Navid's shop. Victor is shocked to discover that Chris cleans his glasses, exactly the same way that Victor does. Outside the shop, Chris smokes his pipe, like Jack does. It is now a three horse race.

At the last night of the Clansman party, Boaby is disappointed to learn that the three men have still not found out who is the father. Winston is about to tell Chris the truth, when Isa comes in with Pete the Jakey. Pete reads an old letter from Jenny, telling him that they had a baby boy called Chris. This means that Pete is Chris' father. The pub is saved. Winston is completely baffled as to how Isa worked it out. Isa shows him the photo. Although the photo was Winston's, it was Isa that took it.

We then see a flashback of the gang back in the 1950's. It turns out that Pete was absent from the photo, as he was away fishing. The younger, fitter looking Pete did not bother with drinking and soon had sex with Jenny.

In the present day, Jack and Victor remember that they used to hang about with Pete. They feel it was no wonder that Pete turned to drinking alcohol, carrying that dirty secret with him. Winston asks if anyone else has any dirty secrets they might want to tell. Just then, a young asian man comes into the pub looking for a man named Navid, who is seen hiding.

After the credits roll, we see that the Clansman has been renamed Jenny's, in honour of Jenny Turnbull. Boaby is happy that he is still in a job. A limo arrives with Pete in the back seat. Chris asks the limo driver to look after Pete. They ask Pete to have a look at the new pub, but he refuses because he has a perfectly good bar in the limo.