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It's the society do of the year, a lavish wedding organised by Navid from the corner shop. Jack and Victor are desperate to get their hands on a precious invite. But there's a shock in store for the old boys when they receive a visit from beyond the grave.


Series Name
Season 1, Episode 5
Air date 4th October 2002
Written by Ford Kiernan and Greg Hemphill
Directed by Michael Hines
Episode Guide

The episode opens with Jack and Victor going to the post office to collect their pensions. As there is a long queue, Victor fakes a dizzy turn in order to attract the attention of the people in the queue, while Jack goes up for his pension.

At Jack's house, Jack is showing Victor an advert on TV for a new toaster. Winston comes to visit Jack, but Isa meets him and informs him of Wully MacIntosh's death. Winston then tells Jack and Victor the news. It turns out that Wully MacIntosh is an elderly men who was notorious for bothering other people's possessions without returning them.

Meanwhile, Navid's daughter is getting married. Navid intends to invite a select view customers and friends, so many people in Craiglang wants to be invited. It turns out that the first person to be invited is Isa, who works for Navid. Later, Jack, Victor and Winston meet Isa, who shows them her invite. They are jealous of her.

Since Winston had a key for Wully's house, Jack and Victor decide to rummage through the house in order to reclaim their possessions. After Wully's funeral, Jack, Victor, Winston and Tam go to Wully's house, where they find many milk bottles on the doorstep and the letterbox crammed full of letters and papers. When Chris the postman arrives, he continues to stuff letters into the already crammed letterbox. Winston stops Chris, and it is up to the four men to explain the situation to Chris. Eventually, it dawns on Chris that Wully is dead.

After the raid on Wully's house, it turns out that Wully MacIntosh is not dead. It turns out that a much younger man, also named Wully MacIntosh, had died. It had been assumed that the older Wully had died due to his age.

Jack and Victor are becoming more annoyed with Navid after everything else, but them, have been invited to the wedding. Eventually, they spot an invitation falling out of Victor's racing post, but it turns out to be addressed to Victor only. Jack leaves the pub depressed, when Pete comes in, shouting that he has been invited. Jack is astonished that a "rancid, pish-stained tramp" was invited and demands a look at the invitation. It says Jack on it. Pete tries to say that Jack is his nickname, but has to admit that he found it.

At the wedding, Isa tells Jack and Victor that Wully MacIntosh is not dead after all. Jack and Victor are disappointed at the lack of alcohol, since it is a Muslim wedding, however, Winston has a couple of bottles under his kilt.

After the credits roll, Wully MacIntosh meets Jack, Victor, Winston and Tam in the Clansman. He tells them that his house was burgled. Jack offers to lend Wully his "new" toaster, which turned out to be Wully's after all, since Jack had taken it from his house.