Vince Gallagher is a one-off character who appeared in the second series episode Scran. He was played by David Hayman.


Vince used to run the canteen at Yarrows, where Winston Ingram worked. He was known to be unhygienic and once caused Winston and many co-workers to have food poisoning due to a bad stew. This is stated to have happened during the Falkland's war in 1982 because the massive outbreak of food poisoning delayed a ship being sent out to the Falkand's. Vince was dubbed the 'Poisoner of Clydeside' and was sacked.

Years later, Vince started a snack van and claimed to have turned over a new leaf by acting as a clean freak. While Vince was popular with the building site workers, he was confronted by a vengeful Winston, who was determined to ruin him. At this time, Navid was over in India for his brother's funeral and entrusted the shop to Jack and Victor. Winston decided to take advantage of this, and talked Jack and Victor into turning the shop into a fast food place. This distracted the building site workers from Vince's snack bar. In retaliation, Vince broke into the shop and sabotaged the soup, causing most of Craiglang to have diarrhoea. They soon find out by looking at the CCTV tape in Navid's shop, that Vince had broken into the shop, and spiked the soup with laxatives. Jack, Victor and Winston got their revenge by planting cockroaches in Vince's snack bar. Finally, Vince snapped and drove his van through Navid's shop, but luckily, Jack, Victor and Navid survived. Vince escaped and is still at large.