The Clansman is the only pub in Craiglang.


The Clansman is the oldest and the only pub set in Craiglang.

It is unknown when it was built but it was mentioned that it was built sometime after some miner cottages were demolished and it was named the 'Bay Horse', it was renamed the Clansman shortly afterwords.

Boaby has been the barman of the Clansman since he started in the 1980's, he first started working when he was 18 years old.

Years later a man named Chris Howden announced that the Clansman was to be demolished and replicas of the old cottages would be built in it's place in memory of his mother Jenny Turnbull, this led Jack, Victor and Winston to think that they were Chris's father due to all of them having sexual relations with her. But it was later revealed that Pete the Jakey was instead the father. This resulted in the Clansman being saved from being demolished and instead being renamed to Jenny's.

At one point Boaby opened up the back room for Jack and Victor so their Christmas Choir group could rehearse after their old space got shut down due to asbestos. The room had been unused for many years and had been left uncleaned and abandoned.

In the final episode following a montage showing a passing of time and the implied deaths of the elderly characters, a time skip shows an older Boaby still working at the Clansman, and breaks the fourth wall by greeting the viewers.


  • Despite being renamed Jenny's in series 5, in series 7 onwards the pub is yet again called the Clansman.
  • Pete the Jakey was the first person to step foot inside the Clansman, due to him sleeping outside it the night before.
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