Tappin (Scots word for borrowing money) is the fifth episode of the second series of Still Game.

Series Name
Season 2, Episode 5
Air date 25 April 2003
Written by Ford Kiernan and Greg Hemphill
Directed by Michael Hines
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The episode opens with a dodgy looking man standing outside Navid's shop counting money. He calls a passer by for a word.

Meanwhile, Victor reveals to Jack that it is cheaper than they thought for a funeral. Therefore, they have £300 spending money, which they decide to spend.

Winston and Tam are going for a game of golf at Craiglang golf course. They are hassled by neds stealing their golf balls and one ned shoots Tam in the bottom with an air rifle.

It turns out that the man outside Navid's shop is a moneylender. He tries to talk to Jack and Victor but they ignore them. Shortly afterwards, Jack and Victor have bought new clothes from Partick. Navid is impressed and shows them a shares website on his computer. Navid explains that shares are like the bookies, only the client is the 'jockey'. Jack and Victor buy a couple of shares.

Isa, who saw Jack and Victor talking to the moneylender, thinks that they borrowed money off him and has a word with him. Isa tells Eric that she borrowed money from the moneylender. Eric is concerned at first, but Isa reassures him that the moneylender must be decent if Jack and Victor are dealing with him. Eric then borrows money from the moneylender.

As for Winston and Tam, they are determined to finish their round of golf. Their friends advise them not to play at Craiglang golf course, but Winston refuses to be intimidated by the neds. At the golf course, the neds continue to steal Winston's golf balls. Winston has enough and confronts the neds. The 'King' of the neds offers to sell the balls to Winston and Tam, but Tam thinks it's ridiculous that for them to buy their own balls back. Winston challenges the king ned to a round of golf. If Winston wins, he and Tam would be allowed to play the golf course in peace. If the king ned wins, the neds can "continue to steal other players balls, shoot players in the arse and generally be wee fannies", to quote Winston.

Jack and Victor are horrified to learn that Eric and Isa have been borrowing money. They rebuke Isa for doing so and asks her who else she has told. They have a big meeting in the Clansman. Boaby and the regulars don't take Jack and Victor seriously, but they are annoyed and voice their concerns of the people's actions. They say that the moneylender is likely to increase the debt by doubling the money, till they unable to pay it back. Just then, the moneylender arrives, but the door shutter falls on him. He is trapped and shouts for help, but Jack tells him it's no more than he deserves. The moneylender explains that he is fair and that he only charges interest in the same way as the bank. Jack and Victor forgive him and understand that the man really cared about helping the pensioners. It turns out the moneylender was recently made redundant and decided to invest his money.

Winston and Tam win the round of golf, as the neds are too drunk to play properly. However, they find out that you cannot trust neds. The king ned makes Winston and Tam strip off their clothes, while Goubo aims his air rifle at them.

Jack and Victor are sad that their spending spree is over. They remember their shares, but unfortunately the company they invested in went bust. An employee from the company is shown to committ suicide by jumping from a window.

After the credits roll, it turns out that Winston and Tam have been buried up to their heads in the sand bunker overnight. The neds purposely fire golf balls at them and taunt them. Winston feebly says "Help."