Still game tam
Thomas "Tam" Mullen

Biographical Information:

Nickname(s) -
Nationality - Scottish
Age - 70

Physical Description:

Species - Human
Gender - Male
Hair Colour - Grey
Skin Colour - Light

Family Information:

Family Members -
Un-named Father †
Un-named Mother †
Frances Mullen (Wife)
Tam Jr (son)


Occupation - Pensioner, Hospital DJ

Portrayed by:

Mark Cox

Thomas "Tam" Mullen is a character in the TV series Still Game, and is played by Mark Cox. Tam is an old miser who enjoys mooching off his friends. He is always tricking people into giving him free stuff or buying him a drink. For example, he pretended he had bad arthritis which prevented him getting his hand into his pocket, which caused a sympathetic workman to pay for Tam's drink. Of course, it was all an act much to the chagrin of the workman. Tam's age is stated in the episode 'One In, One Out' as 70. This would mean that Tam is at least five years younger than Victor McDade who was 75 at the time.

Tam is good friends with Jack and Victor, although he tends to share a closer relationship with Winston. Tam's tightfistiness usually annoys Jack and Victor and even Winston occasionally threatens Tam if he does not pay up. Like the other pensioners of Craiglang, Tam spends a lot of his time in the pub and at the bookies. Boaby is always wise to Tam's attempts to get a free drink and does not let him off. From time to time, Tam does odd jobs for Navid, although he normally works as the DJ at the Western General Hospital. In this job, he manages to con the terminally ill patients out their valuable possessions. In the episode "Cairds", Tam's selfishness reached an all time low. In this episode, Tam wins a mobility scooter off of Joe in a game of cards, however, he refused to give Joe his scooter back even though Joe's need for it was much greater than Tam's. This caused everyone in Craiglang to turn against Tam and they all cooperated to con Tam out the scooter in order to return it to Joe.

In the episode "Ring", Tam decides he is going to propose to Frances the librarian. The couple had been dated for two years previously, having first met in the episode "Doacters". Being so cheap, Tam wanted to have the wedding reception in the Clansman with a meal of pie and beans. Tam chose Winston to be his best man, although Winston made sure that Tam had the decency to buy a decent ring. The ring was accidentally swallowed by Jack while performing a magic trick gone wrong. As a result, Victor had to give Jack laxatives in an attempt to get the ring out. The ring came out eventually, practically at the last minute. Tam's marriage to Frances was not without problems. In the episode "Saucy", Frances' sister Molly comes to visit and her tight-fistedness drives Tam crazy. Tam had to try hard to put aside his feelings for Molly. By the episode "Recipe", Tam's marriage was becoming strained due to his miserable attitude. Frances admitted to Isa that their marriage was in danger and Isa informed Navid to have a word with Tam. Navid tried his best to provide counsel to Tam. After this Tam told Frances they were going out for a drink and then a meal. Frances was impressed but was soon dismayed when Tam's idea of a meal was the Clansman. Frances threatened to break up from Tam, but Tam decided to try one more time and bought Frances a good quality Chinese takeaway. This was enough to put back the spark in their marriage and nine months later, Frances gave birth to a baby boy. Tam became a father at the age of seventy, much to the laughter of his friends who knew he would struggle as his son became a teenager. Tam, however, was thrilled at the prospect of taking part in an advert for baby food in order to make money. This deal backfired leaving Tam with nothing.

Despite being famous for his miserable attitude, Tam went through a personality change in the episode "Hyper". Frances had been nagging Tam to buy a new toaster but Tam insisted that there was nothing wrong with their current toaster. That was until he gave himself an electric shock, whilst trying to fix the toaster himself. As a result, he became exceedingly generous and less concerned with spending money. Winston took advantage of Tam's personality change but later felt guilty at this. Eventually, Tam is locked in Hyperdales overnight along with Jack, Victor, Winston and Navid. Tam is not happy at the others helping themselves to stock, but Winston assures Tam that he left money by the counter. Tam becomes more relaxed until he gives himself another electric shock when he dropped an open can of lager on an electric chair. When he awoke, he was back to his old, miserly self. Since they were still in Hyperdales, Tam went on a rampage, ripping up large bags of crisps and sweets until the others caged him up in a trolley. Jack, Victor, Winston and Navid felt sorry for Tam as they likened Tam's return to his original personality to awakening a sleepwalker.

Personality Edit

He is shown to be a cheapskate, trying to scam people including his close friends into buying drinks for him, much to the annoyance of his friends and Boaby the Barman.

However is shown to have a caring side, such as when Jack was close to dying on the operating table, he paid for everyone's drinks; despite Boaby telling him to put his money back in his pocket.

Another one of his caring sides is shown in the series 9 episodes 'Dead Leg Part 1 & 2' when he learns Winston has to get his other leg removed due to a gangrene infection and the only way to save it is to go to Switzerland for the operation but he can't afford it, so Tam fakes his own death for the insurance money and gives it to Winston.