Stevie Reid, better known as 'Stevie the Bookie', runs the betting shop in Craiglang, he is also Winston's arch nemesis.

Stevie first appeared in the first series episode Cauld, where he was stealing electricity during a particularly bad winter. This caused Jack and Victor to boycott the bookies.

He reappeared in Series three, and became an enemy of Winston Ingram. As such, Stevie often taunts Winston about his betting and he also appears to be nosy about Winston's private life. Stevie is arrogant and disliked by most of the people in Craiglang. Winston says that Stevie "hates it when he wins and loves it when he loses" to which he admits this. In the episode "Cairds", Winston wins an accumulator of £32,500 which bankrupts Stevie. After stealing Winston's winnings, he did a runner. Eventually, Stevie returned in the episode "Drama" posing as his older brother Frankie. Winston confronts Stevie and attempts to assault him, but is restrained by the police. Winston is let off with a warning, but he vows to get revenge on Stevie. Everyone else in Craiglang falls for the act, including Eric, who is surprised to see Winston back in the bookies. Winston tells Eric that he is experimenting to catch Stevie off guard. One morning, Stevie goes into the toilet in his bookies to shave his head, but is caught in the act by Winston. Stevie admits to the scam, but says that Winston cannot prove it. Tam is revealed to have heard the entire conversation while hiding in the lavvies and delivers one of the best lines of Still Game:

"Morning Stevie. That's you out of bog roll."

Now Stevie had to pay Winston out of fear of being prosecuted. Unfortunately, Winston lost the money when his false leg containing his money flew off out of Jack's window and it was stolen by a Ned.

Stevie later appeared in the episode "Seconds Out" where he fought Boaby the barman for the attention of Stacey, who worked in the Pizza Shop. None of the men are successful as Stacey's dad, the boxer Jim Watt, knocks both men out.