Shug (Scot's form of Hugh) McLaughlin, is Craiglang's electronics and communications expert. He is played by Scottish actor Paul Young.

Shug is famous for his huge ears and is nicknamed "Shug the Lug" (lug being a Scots word for ear). Despite being old, Shug is extremely useful to the other OAPs of Craiglang due to being a self-proclaimed expert in radios and sound waves. This stems from being a communications officer during the war. Shug often talks about his time in the war, which really annoys Victor. In the episode "Faimly", Victor takes an answering machine to Shug to try and find out what part of the message said that was obscured. He succeeds in practically identifying everything but the actual message itself, including what newspaper a man was reading, due to background noise. Shug has exceptionally good hearing and can apparently hear through walls. Shug has had several run-ins with the police due to his activities, such as the episode "Bunting", where he was arrested along with Navid and Winston for wearing night-vision goggles while on the look out for a fox. In "Cairds", Shug was involved in a sting along with Jack and Victor in order to trick Tam out of Joe's buggy. Shug was to view which cards Tam had through binoculars, but a woman believed Shug was spying on her, and phoned the police. Shug was nearly arrested, but he pleaded with the police to take him to Jack's flat in order to prove his innocence. This delivered one of the best lines in Still Game by Pete the Jakey:

"Ladies and Gentleman, Shug... and two polis"

The police ended up arresting Tam instead.

Jack and Victor rely on Shug for technical help, such as when Jack got Sky TV and Victor wondered if it would be possible to connect a cable for Jack's sky box to Victor's TV. Shug said he could do so, but warned Victor that since they only had one signal, and hence if Jack changed his channel, it would change Victor's channel too. This causes an argument, but Shug suggest making a hatch in the wall in order for both men to "rationally co-ordinate their viewing. However, Shug ended up creating a new door in the wall separating Jack and Victor's houses.

In the episode "Fresh Lick", it is revealed that Shug has a part-time job as an over-night security guard in "Delaneys" department store. Shug took this job seriously, and would not allow his friends to take advantage of the department store at night. In the episode "Smoke on the Water", Shug lent Jack and Victor an old dinghy for Victor's 75th birthday celebrations. Shug said he nearly died in it, but said to Jack and Victor they'd be fine. Winston ended up joining Jack and Victor for the adventure. The three men had a great time on the water, but decided to tell Shug it burst and sank rather than carry it for miles back home.

Shug's contraptions have sometimes proved to be illegal. Shug, however, believes that the personal safety of the Craiglang OAPs is more important than the law. This was evident in the episode "Lights Out" when Craiglang was plunged into darkness due to a lorry crashing into the Parkmill power station. Residents, such as Isa, were burgled. After restoring light to the Clansman by means of a car battery and fairy lights, Shug offered protection for his friends, such as a taser, a baseball bat with a nail through it, a sock filled with a snooker ball. Winston agreed to take the sock with snooker ball, but Jack and Victor were repulsed by these dangerous and illegal items as they did not want to kill anyone. Shug offered them a turkey baster filled with ink which they accepted. Isa was the unfortunate victim of this attack and ended up with a blue face for several weeks. Shug kindly agreed to fix Isa with a new door to prevent further break-ins, when he heard footsteps. Shug used the taser, but was horrified to see he had tasered a police officer. The police said they were not going to charge Shug, but they turned out to be criminals disguised as police who robbed Jack, Victor and Shug and imprisoned them in Jack's flat. Isa phoned Winston who confronted the rogue officers and knocked them out with Shug's sock and snooker ball. Winston had saved his friends due to Shug's help.

In the Christmas episode "Plum Number", Shug conspired with Tam and Eric along with Jack and Victor in cheating Boaby's new puggy (fruit machine). Boaby caught Tam and threatened to bar him, but Shug and his friends still continued to play to the end. Unfortunately for the lads, the jackpot was won by Edith.

Shug returned in Series 7's Job to help Winston get rid of his parking ticket. The two snuck into the office part of the building where they hold documents while Boaby was receiving his reward for helping Pete the Jakey when he was alive. In the end Methadone Mick ended up finding the ticket in the bin and Winston was still charged.