Shooglies (Scots word for shaky, Glasgow slang for tram) is the seventh episode of the second series of Still Game.

Series Name
Season 2, Episode 7
Air date 9 May 2003
Written by Ford Kiernan and Greg Hemphill
Directed by Michael Hines
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It is the sixtieth anniversary of Jack and Victor being friends. Jack and Victor reminisce of how they met when Victor came running into Jack's father's shop, crying for help as a boy, named Frank McCallum, had been knocked down by a tram.

On the day of the sixtieth anniversary, Jack gives Victor an engraved tankard. However, Victor has forgotten and failed to buy Jack a present. Jack is annoyed at this and berates Victor for being selfish. Victor is also annoyed as he thinks Jack is the selfish one, however, he soon admits that he feels bad. Victor promises to make it up to Jack by treating him to a meal out in the town. Jack accepts this.

The next day, Jack and Victor go to the bus stop to go into Glasgow. They meet Winston, who asks if he can come, but they don't let him, as it is their special day. On the bus, they have second thoughts and are about to ask the driver to let Winston on. However, Winston stands and shouts abuse at Jack and Victor as the bus drives off.

In town, Jack wants to go to the tobacconists first. Jack ends up annoying the owner by filling the shop with smoke, due to trying out 17 different kinds of pipe tobacco before settling on his usual brand. Jack and Victor have great fun browsing at John Lewis department store, before going to a fancy restaurant for lunch. They are shocked by the extortionate prices, and want to just have ice cream. The young waiter feels sorry for the two pensioners, and says that he would serve them their three courses free of charge. Unfortunately, the waiter is sacked before he can tear up the bill, and the head waiter charges Jack and Victor for the full price of £140.

On the bus, Jack and Victor are gutted. Jack cannot get his head round the fact that the tiny bit of chicken he had cost £32. However, they both feel it was a lovely meal all the same. When they get off the bus, Jack treats Victor to the Transport Museum, which is admission free. They admire a large tram, when a man comes behind them. He has heard their conversation and reveals he is Frank McCallum.

Jack and Victor take Frank home for supper. Frank tells them that he spent six months in hospital after the accident, but he made a full recovery. Frank also mentions how he married a beautiful woman, who was exceptionally thin. However, his wife left him for a lowlife and is now overweight. Before they get to pudding, Frank excuses himself to the bathroom. However, he has actually took advantage of the diversion to rob Victor blind. They phone the police, but Frank has been killed after ironically being knocked down by a bus. Victor has his possessions returned to him, but his special tankard has been mangled by the bus.

After the credits roll, Jack and Victor are in the Clansman. Winston apologises for his behaviour the day before, saying that he was upset at not being invited. Jack and Victor forgive him. Winston makes the toast to Jack and Victor being friends for sixty years and calls them "a couple of bum chums".