Seconds Out is the fourth episode of the sixth series of Still Game.

Series Name
Season 6, Episode 4
Air date 2 August 2007
Written by Ford Kiernan and Greg Hemphill
Directed by Michael Hines
Episode Guide
Lights Out


The episode opens in the Clansman, where Boaby is having a Celebrity Bottle Smash. The pensioners are sceptical of the so-called celebrity, but are happy when they see it's former lightweight boxer Jim Watt. It turns out that Jim Watt owns the Shawbank Gym and he gives his business card to the Craiglang residents, encouraging them to come along. Later that evening, Jack and Victor discover a new Pizza takeaway shop is opening in Craiglang.

The next day, Winston is gutted when his horse loses its race and is taunted by Stevie the bookie. Winston nearly loses his temper, but manages to control himself and leaves. An attractive young woman laughs at Stevie's comments. It turns out that the woman works in the Pizza Parlour and is called Stacey. Boaby comes into the Pizza Parlour and chats Stacey up, pretending that he likes the gym in order to impress her. Then Stevie comes in and orders a large pizza. This puts Stevie ahead of Boaby in the race to win Stacey.

As Boaby is going to the gym that evening, he puts Eric in charge. The regulars take advantage of this, while Boaby tries to chat to Stacey again. He is outdone by Stevie, who manages to lift a heavy weight claiming its a "light workout". Stevie and Stacey leave Boaby at the gym. Later, Jack, Victor and Winston give Boaby advice on how to win Stacey's favour by using humour. When Stevie and Stacey come to the Clansman, Boaby takes advantage and impresses Stacey with an incredibly lame joke. They agree to a date.

Jack and Victor have ordered a pizza, and are surprised when they see that Winston is the delivery boy. They try to persuade Winston to let them have the pizza free, but Winston refuses on principle. However. as an apogy for that the two offer Winston some of the pizza, only for Winston to refuse. But just as Winston was in the lift, Jack and Victor discover Winston had practically eaten three quarters of the pizza, and they gave him more money than was required for the pizza.

Next morning, Boaby has a £50 bet with Stevie that he will have sex with Stacey after their date. As for Jack and Victor, they order another pizza and have discoverd a clause that if the delivery is late by 30 minutes, they can have the pizza for free. They try getting Isa to delay Winston, but he sees through her.

Later at the gym, Stevie starts a fight with Boaby as he has lost the bet. Jim Watt breaks the fight up and tells them to settle their differences like real men in the boxing ring. They agree to the boxing match on Friday. Jack and Victor try again to delay Winston, but are thwarted.

On Friday evening, Stacey finds the Clansman deserted with only Eric serving. Eric tells Stacey about the boxing match between Boaby and Stevie and she leaves immediately. It is revealed that Stacey is Jim Watt's daughter, and Jim knocks both men out.

Jack and Victor have arranged an operation to delay Winston by having diversion road signs, a dresser crashing on Winston and a stinger which burst his scooter's tires. Winston borrows Joe Douglas' disabled buggy and finds Osprey Heights main door blocked by a broom. Jack and Victor think they have finally won the war, but Winston uses a window washer's lift and smashes Jack's window. Winston adds insult to injury by raising the price to £9.95.

After the credits roll, Winston delivers a stack of pizzas to former Pop Idol winner Michelle McManus. Winston tries to talk Michelle out of the pizzas as she did so well losing so much weight. Michelle is gutted because her boyfriend left her and grabs the pizzas. Winston asks for the money, but Michelle doesn't give him a penny because he was late.