Recipe is the sixth episode of the sixth series of Still Game.

Series Name
Season 6, Episode 6
Air date 16 August 2007
Written by Ford Kiernan and Greg Hemphill
Directed by Michael Hines
Episode Guide
One In One Out


The episode opens with Jack and Victor standing outside Henderson's Bakers eating a couple of Beefy Bakes (parody of Greggs Steak Bake). They comment on how they were taken in by the advert. Just then, Winston goes to the bakers and Jack and Victor tease him about the advert.

Meanwhile, in the Clansman, Frances confides with Isa about Tam's meanness is putting a strain on their marriage. Isa advises Frances to try and act sexy for Tam, but Frances claims that Tam wouldn't be interested.

Later, Jack, Victor and Winston meet Pete the Jakey who has given up alcohol and taken a job washing car windscreens. Pete recognises a customer and angrily attacks him, causing the lads to restrain him. In the Clansman, Pete resists the urge to have a whiskey and takes orange juice instead. Pete explains that he knew the man as Henderson the Baker, and that he once worked for Henderson back in 1979. Pete claims that he invented the Beefy Bake and that Henderson stole his idea, but no one believes him. At Jack's house, Pete bakes two Beefy Bakes to prove it. The other men realise that Pete has indeed been cheated and that they need to have a meeting with Henderson to claim compensation for Pete.

The next morning, Isa asks Navid to have a word with Tam about romance due to Frances' concerns. Navid feels that this is an extremely difficult task, but says he will try. At Henderson's factory, Jack, Victor and Pete have a meeting with Henderson. They explain about Pete's claim about invented the Beefy Bake and that he should be compensated. Henderson tries to buy off Pete with a dram of whiskey, claiming that Pete drank his job away. The three men are thrown out of the factory, and they threaten legal action.

Navid has a word with Tam about the conversation between Frances and Isa. Tam is distrubed that everyone talking about his sex life, but Navid says that Tam doesn't have a sex life worth talking about.

Jack and Victor inform Pete that his day in court has been sorted for October. They are even going to act as lawyers for Pete. Tam and Frances come into the Clansman for a drink before their meal. However, Frances is upset when she finds out that Tam intended to have their meal of pie and beans at the pub. Their marriage looks grim, but Tam buys a good quality Chinese takeaway meal and even agrees to have separate tumblers for their false teeth. This is enough for Frances to want to have sex with Tam.

Nine months later, the case between Pete and Henderson takes place. Jack and Victor present their case in a particularly hilarious fashion. It is revealed during the court recess that Tam and Frances have had a baby boy. At 64, Frances is now the oldest mother in Britain, which gets her in the news. During the recess, Pete has gotten drunk and made an agreement with Henderson. As a result, the case has been settled.

The episode ends with Pete back to living under the tunnel in his usual tramp clothes. It turns out that he has been given Henderson's bar globe drinks cabinet filled with bottles of scotch whiskey.

After the credits roll, Tam and Frances' friends visit them in the hospital. They each give some money for a bit of luck to the baby, which pleases Tam.