Peter "Pete the Jakey" MacCormack was a recurring character on the comedy series Still Game, first appearing in "Cauld".

Pete was also referred to as "Pete the Tramp"

In the Series 7 episode "The Undrinkables" it was revealed that Pete had passed away, his cause of death is unknown.


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  • He was the first Person of Craiglang to set foot in the Clansman, having slept outside the night before.
  • He was friends with Methadone Mick calling him a 'shiftless nae user but other than that a good lad'.
  • His death in Series 7 came about due to the real life passing of the actor Jake D'Arcy on 30 May, 2015.
  • It was revealed that Boaby used to open The Clansman early for Pete and made a fry-up for him every morning.