Neds (acronym for Non-educated Delinquent) is a derogatory term applied in Scotland to youths who wear casual sports clothes with the stereotypical implication that they engage in hooliganism or petty criminality. The term usually applies to Glasgow and is an equivalent for "Chav" which is mainly used in England.

Still Game

The Neds are the bane of the life of the residents of Craiglang. In particular, the Neds target the OAPs as well as Navid and Boaby the barman. In the episode "Gairden", the Neds have taken over the local park, making lives a misery for Jack and Victor. As such, the Neds let their dogs use the park as a toilet. The OAPs took matters into their own hands and made their own park on top of Osprey Heights. In another episode, the Neds hassled Winston and Tam while playing golf by stealing their golf balls and shooting Tam in the bottom with an air rifle. Jack and Victor do not like the behaviour of the Neds, although they sometimes try to reason with them without much success. Winston absolutely hates the Neds and has occasionally threatened them. After a while, the Ned problem in Craiglang got to a serious point that Jack and Victor phoned an old friend named Big Innes. Innes was an extraordinary large man, who did not take any nonsense. A few days after Innes' return to Craiglang, the Neds stopped bothering the people of Craiglang for a while. Navid's shop is a target for Neds. Usually, Navid has to put up with a Neddy young woman and her toddler as she complains about the state of his chocolates. In turn, Navid makes insinuations that the Neddy Mum is a "junkie". However, the Neds have been known to show a good side. For example, when Archie, a reclusive old man, moved out of his home for the first time in nearly 40 years, the Neds clubbed together and bought him a Big Mac and Fries from McDonalds. Furthermore, Fergie the Ned seems to be tolerated by Jack and Victor. Fergie is a teenager who used to con pensioners out their money with the non-existent Craiglang Football Team, but Jack and Victor talked him out of it.

Notable Neds

  • King Ned - Played by Gary Sweeney
  • Goubo - Played by James Young
  • Fergie - Played by Jamie Quinn
  • Chief Ned - Gary French
  • Neddy Mum - Julie Toal (Seasons 4 and 5) and Cheryl McCall (Season 6)