Neddy Mum is a disgruntled customer of Navid's shop. She is played by Julie Toal in Series 4 and 5 and Cheryl McCall in Series 6.

The Neddy Mum is usually seen with her infant son Justin, and she is always complaining about the state of Navid's chocolates. She first appeared in the Series 4 episode Wireless, where she argues with Navid over what qualifies as a family-sized bag of Revels. She explains that her son Justin only eats a family-sized bag of Revels. Navid reasons that the bag he supplied her is for single mothers like herself. The Neddy Mum and Justin reappear in the Series 5 episode Smoke on the Water, where this time she blames Navid's chocolate bar for giving Justin diarrhoea. Navid tells her that it was her own fault for giving a 2 year old a chocolate bar the size of a headstone, and sends her on her way.

In Series 6, Cheryl McCall has replaced Julie Toal as the Neddy Mum. In Hot Seat, the Neddy Mum complains that the heat has melted her chocolate mini eggs and wants a refund. Neddy Mum suggests to Navid to put the chocolates in the fridge like they do in Kohli's. Navid retorts that she should put her drugs in the fridge as well. Later, the Neddy Mum returns as the Maltesers are all stuck together due to being put in the fridge. In Hyper, she complains yet again that the Curly Wurly is all broken up. Since Navid is depressed due to Hyperdales taking over his business, he snaps and throws the rest of the Curly Wurlys at her. She runs out the shop asking if Navid has went off his nut.

Since then, she has not appeared in the show.