Navid Harrid

Biographical Information:

Nationality - Indian
Age - late 50's

Physical Description:

Species - Human
Gender -Male
Hair Colour - Grey
Skin Colour - Dark

Family Information:

Ashir (uncle)†
Un-named brother †
Meena (wife)
Unnamed sister
Un-named Daughter
Un-named Grand-daughter
Un-named Son


Occupation - Shopkeeper
Main Affliaton - Harrid's General Store

Potrayed by:

Sanjeev Kohli

Navid Harrid runs the corner shop called "Harrids Convenience Store" where Isa has worked as a cleaner for twenty years. Navid has ran this shop since 1975. Navid is married to Meena, which they have a verbal sparring relationship.


Early LifeEdit

Navid was born in India during the 1940's. As a young man, he won the heart of Meena (who was actually due to marry someone else), whom he took with him to Scotland.

Marriage to MeenaEdit

Navid married Meena sometime before 1975. Together, they have at least one daughter, who became married in the first series episode Waddin. It is mentioned that Navid is a grandfather as he has at least one grand-daughter. It is unknown if if is his daughter's child or not. It was hinted in the fourth series episode "Who's the Daddy?" that he had a son who he left and he tracked him down. Navid and Meena have an interesting relationship where the both of them insulting each other. However Navid does love his wife, so much so that he grows jealous when he finds out she met her ex boyfriend in India.

Coming to CraiglangEdit

Navid came to Craiglang in 1975, and bought over the local shop. He didn't speak much English back then, but became friends with Tam Mullen. Tam invited Navid to Victor McDade's Hogmanay party. At first, Jack and Victor could not understand Navid, as he could not speak English very well, but soon accepted him, when he said he knew Tam. Navid soon learned English (and Scottish) from people like Winston Ingram.

Current LifeEdit

Today, Navid still runs the local shop in Craiglang. He has employed Isa as a cleaner for the past twenty years. Navid gets on well with most of the locals. He likes to be helpful, allowing his customers to buy shopping on credit, but only if he trusts they will pay him back. Navid has a sarcastic nature and takes very little nonsense from people. Navid is a Muslim and quite liberal. He laments that he cannot drink or gamble due to his religion.

Brother's deathEdit

In the series two episode Scran, it was revealed that his brother, who lived in India, had died. It turned out that Navid's brother didn't spend his money wisely. Navid had to go over to India for his brother's funeral, and to sort out his late brother's affair. Navid trusted Jack and Victor to look after his shop in his absence. When Navid returned to his shop, he had only been in for less than two minutes, when Vince came crashing through the shop with his van. Navid survived the incident, and his shop was soon repaired.

Bladder problemsEdit

In the series four episode Wireless, Navid was in hospital with bladder problems. He noticed the problem when he was unable to urinate in his toilet. After a trip to the doctor's, Navid's doctor pressed down on his prostate, causing him to pee over the doctor's notes. His problem was soon corrected after an operation and now Navid has no problem with urinating.

Store takeoverEdit

In the fourth series episode Ring, Navid's store was taken over by the Spire Chain (a parody of Spar). Navid found it hard to cope with the new changes, such as being forbidden to sell porn magazines and selling alcohol after 10 pm. Navid was also in trouble when a Spire agent slipped on his floor. This resulted in Isa being sacked and Navid being placed under probation. This was too much for Navid, and he bailed out from Spire and soon had his own shop back.