Lights Out is the third episode of the sixth series of Still Game.

Series Name
Season 6, Episode 3
Air date 26 July 2007
Written by Ford Kiernan and Greg Hemphill
Directed by Michael Hines
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The episode opens with a truck driver leaving his cab to answer his mobile phone. Unfortunately, he has forgot to put his handbrake on and his lorry reverses and crashes into the Park Mill transmitter. This cuts off the electricity to Park Mill and Craiglang.

Meanwhile, Joe Douglas (whom we last saw in Cairds) has moved in downstairs from Winston. Because the electricity is out, Joe feels he cannot use his disabled buggy as it needs to be charged up. Winston agrees to help him until the electricity comes back on.

At Jack's house, he and Victor are informed by Isa about the blackout. They decide they better get round to Navid's, as the residents will be 'panic buying'. Sure enough, Navid's shop is almost empty except for botles of pineappleade, one tin of butter beans and one pair of marigold gloves. One customers buys the beans and the gloves, and the rest leave as all that is left is the pineappleade. Since Jack and Victor are "valued customers", they are allowed to have a loaf of bread from Navid's private stock. Just then, Meena arrives from the cash and carry and the customers flood into the shop.

In the Clansman, Boaby can only sell bottles as the pump's off. Shug warns the pensioners that the blackout will start a crimewave in Craiglang, but nobody listens to him. That evening, Isa's house is burgled.

The next day, Winston is irritated as he feels Joe is starting to take advantage of him, but feels he can't complain because Joe is disabled. It is revealed that there have been numerous robberies since the blackout. The lads acknowledge that Shug is right, and Shug offers protection to the pensioners. They are disturbed as Shug's items are illegal or violent, such as a taser, baseball bat with a nail through it and a sock filled with a snooker ball. Winston, however, takes the sock and snooker ball, as well as a turkey baster filled with ink. Jack and Victor take the ink-filled turkey baster, as they don't want to kill anyone. That night, Winston brings Joe his fish supper and catches a man trying to break into Joe's house. Winston squirts the man with ink and shouts that he will recognise him next time he sees him. Isa checks Jack and Victor's door to see if it's locked tight, but the pair squirt her in the face with ink as they thought it was a burglar.

Next morning, Isa is dismayed to hear from Shug that the ink on her face won't wash off for several weeks. Navid finds it funny. To make amends for her inky face, Shug agrees to fix Isa's door with a proper lock. Just then, Shug hears footsteps and gets ready with the taser. He tasers one of the men, but the lights come on and it turns out that it's a couple of policemen. They make the lads go into Jack's house and warn Isa that they will question her next. Isa sees that one of the police officers has a hand that is dyed blue and Victor notices it too. The "police officers" are actually burglars who ransack Jack and Victor's houses and lock the three men in Jack's house. Isa tries to alert the police station, but they fail to take her seriously. The situation looks grim, but the rogue officers meet Winston in the lift, who is in Joe's electric buggy. Winston talks to the officers, praising them for their hard work during the blackout, but proceeds to knock them out with Shug's sock and snooker ball.

After the credits roll, the pensioners congratulate Winston, but Winston reveals that Isa was the one who phoned him to inform him of the situation. Jack asks Boaby to give Isa a 'blue nun' much to the laughter of the pub.