Isa Drennan

Biographical Information:

Nickname(s) -
Nationality - Scottish
Age - 72

Physical Description:

Species - Human
Gender - Female
Hair Colour - Grey
Skin Colour - Light

Family Information:

Family Members -
Harry Drennan (Husband) †
Collin (son)


Occupation- Cleaner
Main Affliation - Navid's Shop

Potrayed by:

Jane McCarry

Isa is a fictional character in the Scottish sitcom, Still Game. She is played by Jane McCarry, and is reknowned for her nosiness and having all the latest gossip. Isa is 72 years old. Isa is considered part of the main cast, and is often referred to as a "Nosey Cow" by the other characters. A running gag throughout the series is that when Jack and Victor get into the lift, Isa shouts "haud the lift" and Jack and Victor press the button repeatedly to close the door, but fail. Isa is often criticised by the others, for interfering in their business, but they are still friends.

Early LifeEdit

Not much is known about Isa's early life, although it is likely that she has lived most of her life in Craiglang. Isa has known Jack, Victor, Winston and Pete since they were in their early-twenties. One day, Isa took a photo of Jack, Victor and Winston with Jenny Turnbull. After this, they ran off to play football, leaving Jenny alone with Pete, whom was absent from the photograph since he was away fishing. This photograph would become important in saving the Clansman many years later, as Isa remembered that since Pete was absent from the photograph, he must have been the father of the developer, who wanted to demolish the pub.

Isa met up with Jack and Victor again in 1975 at Victor's Hogmanay party. From then on, they remained in close contact.

Marriage to HarryEdit

Some time prior to 1975, Isa married Harry Drennan. They had at least one child together, a son they named Colin. Isa's marriage to Harry was unhappy, due to Harry's womanising ways. At Victor's Hogmanay party in 1975, Isa tried to get her own back on Harry by flirting with the men, and having sex with Tam Mullen. In the mid-1990s, Harry left Isa, taking her money. This broke Isa's heart and he returned six years later, and Isa was only too glad to accept him back into her life. Isa's friends thought she was mad for taking Harry back in, and were hostile towards Harry. Eventually, Harry and Isa went into the cafe to have lunch, but Harry ran off for a second time, again stealing Isa's money. A year later, Harry returned to Craiglang, but Isa refused to accept him. Isa even went as far as faking a relationship with Winston to make it clear to Harry, that she no longer loved him. Harry finally got the message and left for good. Harry died at the beginning of Series Six, but Isa felt nothing for him.

Life as a pensioner Edit

In the present day, Isa still lives in the Osprey Heights tower in Craiglang, on the same landing as Jack and Victor. Isa works at Navid's shop as the cleaner, a position she has maintained for twenty years. During the takeover of Navid's shop by Spire, Isa forgot to place the "wet floor" sign, and a Spire official slipped as a result. Isa was then sacked for this offence, but Navid had had enough of Spire, and bailed out. Isa was then re-hired. Isa is the town gossip and is known to interfere with other people's business. Now and again, Isa likes to visit the pub, where her drink is always a sweet sherry.



Isa is known for being the gossip of Craiglang. She talks a lot about what is going on with people's lives. Isa is nosey, and likes to keep on top of people's business. Occasionally, when people have tried hard to avoid telling Isa their business, she will interrogate them until they crack. Despite being a gossip, Isa understands that certain issues have to be kept secret, such as surprise birthday celebrations. Isa hates being left out of current affairs in Craiglang, as this makes her look silly. Isa generally disapproves of gambling and drinking, although she does like to have a sweet sherry and has even gotten drunk herself on a couple of occasions. Isa is overly kind, usually helping people with their chores. Unfortunately, people often take advantage of Isa's good nature.



Harry DrennanEdit

Isa's marriage to Harry was not a happy one. Harry often cheated on Isa, causing Isa to flirt with other men to get back at him. When Harry walked out on Isa in the mid-1990s, Isa was heartbroken. Upon his return six years later, Isa fainted when Harry came to the door, and was happy to give him a second chance. Their new romance was going well, until Harry walked out on Isa again. Isa was left heartbroken once again. When Harry returned a year later, Isa was furious to see him and refused to take him back. Isa faked a relationship with Winston in order to prove her point to him. Harry discovered the truth when he saw Isa and Winston pretending to have sex. Harry eventually accepted that their marriage was over and he departed Isa on slightly good terms. When Isa found out Harry had died, however; she had no feelings for him.

Colin DrennanEdit

It is unknown what sort of relationship Isa has had with her son, Colin, as he has never appeared in the show. From what Isa has mentioned, it can be said that Colin does care about his mother, as he bought Isa a mobile phone to use in emergencies. Isa nearly always has her mobile phone on her.

Jack and VictorEdit

Isa has known Jack and Victor for many years. She lives beside them in Osprey Heights. Isa is friends with Jack and Victor, although they usually get annoyed with her gossip and nosiness. Jack and Victor are known to take advantage of Isa's good nature, as they usually let her take their turns at mopping the landing. This selfish attitude once backfired on them at Christmas, when they failed to buy Isa her Christmas present and let her hear that buying a present was a set-up. This offended Isa, and she refused to cook them their Christmas dinner. Jack and Victor came over to the Christmas social where Isa was and sang to the pensioners, so she forgave them. Isa once thought Jack and Victor were gay, and was quick about spreading the rumour around Craiglang. It is unknown how she reacted when she discovered that she was wrong.

Winston IngramEdit

Isa has known Winston for many years. The relationship between Isa and Winston is interesting as although Winston hates Isa for her gossip, there have been times where they have been rather close. Isa genuinely cares about Winston, and Winston cares about her aswell. When her estranged husband, Harry, returned to Craiglang; Isa faked a relationship with Winston in order to deter Harry. After Harry admitted defeat, Isa continued her "relationship" with Winston, although Winston kept up with the pretence only because of the free food. On hearing that Winston had arranged a set-up with Eric to escape from her, Isa angrily broke off the relationship, much to Winston's relief. Despite this, Isa and Winston remain good friends.

Tam MullenEdit

Isa and Tam have known each other since at least 1975, where they met at Victor's Hogmanay party. At this party, Isa tried to have sex with Tam, to get back at her cheating husband, Harry. Like the other men in Craiglang, Tam doesn't like Isa for her gossip, but he is still her friend. Isa, however, has sometimes been frosty towards Tam due to the latter's selfishness. Isa even asked Navid to have a word with Tam, due to his failing marriage with Frances.

Navid HarridEdit

Isa has known Navid since he first came to Craiglang in 1975. Some twenty years before the show began, Navid employed Isa as a cleaner; where she still works to this day. Isa always likes to give Navid the gossip. Navid likes to have verbally sparring towards Isa, although he does like her at heart.


Isa and Boaby have a fairly good relationship, as Boaby tends to have more respect for her than the other characters. Although, Isa is not above forcing Boaby to tell her information; Jack, Victor and Winston had told him, that he had previously promised to keep secret. It turned out, however, that this was for Boaby's own good as Isa was able to save the Clansman, and keep Boaby in a job. Boaby has asked for Isa's help during busy times, and even let Isa run the bar for him one time, during an emergency.

Peggy McAlpineEdit

Isa and Peggy are good friends, despite Peggy's abusive nature towards her husband, Charlie. They are usually seen sitting in the Clansman together, and Peggy never seems to have a problem with Isa's gossiping.