Hoaliday (Scots word for holiday) is the first episode of the third series of Still Game.

Series Name
Season 3, Episode 1
Air date 7 May 2004
Written by Ford Kiernan and Greg Hemphill
Directed by Michael Hines
Episode Guide


The episode continues where we left off at the end of Dug, with Jack and Victor on the plane to Canada.

When Jack and Victor touch down in Toronto Airport, they are greeted by Fiona with her husband, Tony and her children, Jack Jr and Stephen. Fiona is shocked at how old her father has got and jokes about Jack bringing Victor with him being too much for them. Fortunately, they are more than willing to welcome Victor.

At Fiona's house, Jack and Victor make themselves at home. They comment how the place is like Holywood. Jack phones the Clansman to let them know they arrived safely. Boaby teases Jack, and passes him on to Winston, who is still going out with Isa. Jack gives Winston the phone number in case of an emergency, but falls asleep on the phone due to jetlag.

In Navid's shop, Navid teases Isa about her relationship with Winston. When Winston comes in, he rebukes Navid for being rude in front of Isa. Isa tells Winston that she has bought a lovely steak pie out of the butchers for their dinner tonight. Winston sacrifices a night out with Tam and Eric for the steak pie.

Over in Canada, Jack and Victor can't sleep during the night. Fiona speaks with Jack and asks him if he will emigrate to Canada in order to live with them. Jack says he can't do it because he still has roots in Craiglang and once considered emigrating to Canada years before but didn't bother. Fiona also talks with Victor about what Craiglang is like today, but Victor is blunt and tells Fiona how bad it is.

The next day, Jack and Victor go to a hockey match with Tony, Jack Jr and Stephen. Jack and Victor tell the boys about their memories of football matches in Scotland.

Back home in Craiglang, Winston is in the bookies. Stevie the bookie is taunting Winston about his betting and Winston argues with him. Eric comes in and Winston tells him that he wants to finish his relationship with Isa due to her constant chatting. They form a plan where Winston will have his dinner with Isa and then Eric phones him afterwards with a fake emergency, meaning Winston has to go and meet Eric for a pint.

Winston tries his plan that evening. He invites Isa to his house, so that she will wash his dishes for him while he is away. The plan works successfully.

In Canada, Fiona and her sons take Jack and Victor for breakfast before they visit the CN Tower. Fiona has a coffee and danish pastry, the boys have a 'gutbuster' burger to share, Victor has a 'lumberjack snack' and Jack has eggs. It turns out that Jack ate his nine eggs and helped himself to half of Victor's bacon. By the time they visit the CN Tower, Jack is feeling ill. He tries to get out of going to the top, but Victor doesn't let him. At the top, Jack stands to the side. Victor is telling him to come to see the glass bottomed ceiling which allows you to see all the way down, but Jack refuses. Jack's grandsons tease him and Jack vomits accidentally over the boys.

Back home, Eric is in the Clansman wanting to phone Winston, but the phone is in use. Eric asks Boaby if he can borrow his mobile phone, but Boaby doesn't let him. Boaby phones Winston and tells him off for taking advantage of Isa. Winston successfully convinces Isa that it is Eric in trouble again.

In Canada, Jack and Victor visit the stadium at night. They talk to the caretaker and boast that they have an even bigger stadium back home in Craiglang, but the caretaker is not fooled as he was brought up in Maryhill.

Back home, Isa is becoming more suspicious of Eric's phone calls to Winston. She makes Winston pick the phone up and listens in to the conversation. Isa now knows Winston's plan and she breaks of the relationship, hitting Winston in the face with the receiver.

Jack and Victor's holiday in Canada is drawing to a close. They visit the Niagra falls. Jack gives Fiona her mother's wedding ring to keep, which Fiona reluctantly accepts. Jack disapproves of the tourists wearing the tacky Niagra Falls caps, but soon finds out that Victor has bought him one. As Jack and Fiona watch the falls, his cap blows off, but Jack doesn't mind.

After the credits roll, Boaby is running a competition of the tackiest gift that Jack and Victor has brought back from Canada. The gifts include a barometer, dessert wine, a glass which reveals a naked lady when alcohol is poured in, and a jacket. However, Isa wins the price with her t-shirt displaying 'Big Beaver Niagra Falls'.