Gairden (Scots word for Garden) is the first episode of the second series of Still Game.

Series Name
Season 2, Episode 1
Air date 28th March 2003
Written by Ford Kiernan and Greg Hemphill
Directed by Michael Hines
Episode Guide


The episode opens with Isa and her friend, Sadie, sitting in George Square, Glasgow, having their lunch. Behind their bench, an elderly man, named Ronnie, is stripped to his boxers and shouting. He is then arrested by the police.

Meanwhile, Jack and Victor are sitting on a bench in Craiglang park. They don't like it because the neds have taken over the park, hassling the pensioners, and letting their dogs use the park as a toilet.

Isa catches Tam and Big Arthur in Osprey Heights carrying benches and soil. Tam tells Isa to mind her own business.

In the Clansman, Winston and Eric are seen with plants. However, Winston refuses to tell Jack and Victor what's going on, because they live on the same landing as Isa.

Later on, Isa tells Navid about Tam and Arthur and also about Ronnie being sent to a mental hospital. Navid thinks it's funny because Ronnie was once a contestant on Mastermind. Ronnie knew everything about World War Two, except for 'Bismarck', the most famous warship in the war.

That evening, Jack and Victor argue over who ate the most Tunnocks Tea Cakes. They wind each other up about ending up in the same position as Ronnie, although they agree to pay Ronnie a visit.

The next day, Winston is taunted by neds for carrying a bush. Winston insults the neds back and threatens them. The neds set their dog Kaiser on Winston, who is then seen in the Clansman, covered in cuts and bruises

Jack and Victor go to the hospital where Ronnie is being kept. Jack is disturbed by the people in the hospital, but calms down when he sees Ronnie. Jack and Victor both agree that Ronnie looks well. Ronnie explains what happened to him, and Jack and Victor, posing as his brothers, agree to sign him out of the hospital.

Isa catches Winston coming out of a door on the top floor. Winston tries his best to keep his secret from Isa, but Isa threatens to phone the council, so Winston has no choice but to tell her. Winston makes Isa to promise not to tell anyone else. Isa promises. Winston takes Isa up the stairs and shows her something, but the sight is too much for Isa and she runs back down the stairs. Winston struggles with Isa in order to stop her telling everyone. Later in the Clansman, Isa confronts Winston. She is angry because she was sitting with her friends who were telling her, what she had promised not to tell anyone else. Just then, Jack and Victor come in with Ronnie. Winston takes them all up to the top floor of Osprey Heights. He reveals that on the roof of Osprey Heights, is a park, especially made for the OAPs of Craiglang. Skateboarders, Neds, Ball Games and Dogs are all banned from the park.

After the credits roll, the two neds and their dog Kaiser gatecrash the park. Jack, Victor and Winston order them to leave. One of the neds takes Winston's stick from him and throws it off the roof, but Kaiser goes after the stick, and falls off the roof, much to the neds' horror.