"A Fresh Lick" is the second episode of the fifth series of Still Game.

Series Name
Season 5, Episode 2
Air date 26 June 2006
Written by Ford Kiernan and Greg Hemphill
Directed by Michael Hines
Episode Guide
Smoke on the Water


The episode opens with Jack and Victor fixing a light bulb on their landing, when they see Chris the Postie coming out of Isa's house. Isa tells them that Chris is decorating her house, but they advise her against that, as they don't trust Chris. They convince Isa to do it for her instead.

In the Clansman, Tam asks if they could put a film on. While looking through Boaby's video collection, he takes a private video of Boaby's, and chooses Police Academy 8: Mission to Moscow, which everyone accepts.

Jack and Victor go to a DIY store to buy paint and wallpaper etc. Victor takes part in a demonstration on how to work a power drill, although he accidentally saws the man's thumb off. Jack and Victor then fail to find a worker to help them find paint. Jack and Victor use the microphone to call out for anyone who knows where the paint is, but they use several profanities and are thrown out as a result.

Meanwhile, Tam discovers Boaby's tape is a porn film where Boaby is 'Troy the gardener'. Tam goes about Craiglang showing everyone the video.

Shug has a job as a security guard at Delaney's Department Store. Winston comes with him to keep him company, although is disappointed to learn that Shug values his job and will not allow Winston to take advantage of the empty department store. Tam phones Winston about the porn tape, and Winston tells Shug he's "on his own".

Next day, Jack and Victor are getting ready to redecorate Isa's house. Isa tells Navid she feels bad about letting Chris down. Unfortunately, Chris has heard the conversation.

At the Clansman, Winston gives Eric the porn tape. Later, Winston along with Eric and Tam show the tape to Jack and Victor, who forget about the decorating job. The decorating goes badly wrong. The bathroom is flooded after the shower cap falls off, a paint pot is knocked over the living room carpet, the walls are marked with paint, and the pies are burnt causing smoke damage to the kitchen.

That evening, Tam accidentally calls Boaby "Troy". Boaby realises his porn tape is missing and takes Tam with him to find it. Isa is given the job of looking after the bar. She asks Eric what's the matter, and works out that it's Boaby's porn tape. It turns out that Isa saw it years ago when Connie Jackson the cleaner smuggled it out.

Tam has lent the tape to Shug who is trying to get the tape to work. Unfortuantely for Boaby, the tape is played over the big screen, meaning that the people on Buchanan Street can see it.

After the credits roll, it is revealed that Isa's house has been totally redecorated. Of course, Chris the Postie has done the job, meaning that Jack and Victor have to pay him with their funeral money.