Frances Mullen (nee Kirkwood) is the wife of Tam Mullen and the librarian for Craiglang.


While working as the librarian, Frances gained the attention of both Winston and Tam. Tam sabotaged Winston's attempts to win Frances by making him out to be of lower intelligence whilst pretending that he really loved reading and quoting a line from her favourite author.. Two years later, Tam asked Frances to marry him. Unfortunately, Jack accidentally swallowed the wedding ring while doing a party trick. They managed to get the ring out, but Frances seemed rather disgusted when she smelled the ring. A year later, Frances' sister Molly Drummond arrived from Finport. Tam really fancied Molly due to her tight-fisted ways, although he had to decide that he still loved Frances. By the sixth series, Frances had enough of Tam's miserable persona. Causing them to almost break up, but Tam purchased chinese food and expensive alcohol, promising to change for her.. Nine months later, Frances gave birth to a baby boy making her Britain's oldest mum at age 64. However, this record was short lived after a 65 year old woman gave birth to twins shortly afterwards.

Trivia Edit

  • There is a goof with Frances' character that Tam told Winston she was a vegetarian, but it is later said that she enjoyed Chinese ribs. Although, it is likely that Tam was lying to put Winston off having dinner with her.