Fly Society is the second episode of the sixth series of Still Game.

Series Name
Season 6, Episode 2
Air date 19 July 2007
Written by Ford Kiernan and Greg Hemphill
Directed by Michael Hines
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Lights Out


The episode opens in the Clansman where Tam is entering a competition on the radio. Tam pretends to be in the beetroot business and claims he has a big house and family, and he wins two tickets to the theatre and a meal for two at Salerno's restaurant. Unfortunately for Tam, his wife Frances is away at her sister's that weekend. Tam sells the tickets to Jack and Victor for £10, but Boaby claims the £10 for five pies and beans.

Since Jack and Victor are at the restaurant on Friday night, the pub is empty with only Boaby, Winston and Tam present. However, Jack and Victor meet a couple of posh women, named Pam and Liz, and they pretend they are high fliers in order to impress them. It turns out that the women are attending a country house in Blairtunnoch at the weekend and that Jack and Victor are welcome to come.

The next day, Jack and Victor give Tam £5 in order to drive them in Navid's van to Blairtunnoch. They refuse to tell Tam what's going on, but thank him for the theatre tickets. Back in Craiglang, Tam and Winston can't figure what Jack and Victor are up to, but Isa solves the mystery.

At Blairtunnoch, Jack and Victor meet the owner of the estate, Cameron. The pair have fun taking part in a shoot and then settle down to dinner in the evening. Victor pretends he has a house in Kenya, "east of Mombasa". A suspicious guest named William Featherstone points out that anything east of Mombasa would be the Indian Ocean. Just then, Winston, Isa and Tam show up disguising as Lord Winston, Lady Isabella and their personal man Thomas. Winston and Isa are allowed to join the rest of the guests, while Tam is sent to the guests quarters.

Later, during a game of charades, Tam interrupts them and is punished by Winston with a kick on the bottom. However, things take a turn for the worst when it is discovered that a painting of Cameron's grandmother has been stolen. Cameron warns the guests that the police will be called and the guests may be questioned. Winston encourages the others to escape as he fears the police would realise that they are not rich people and would be blamed for the theft. Victor discovers Featherstone trying to escape, who admits he had stolen the painting and can't hang around because he has had a previous conviction. Victor rebukes Featherstone for embarrassing him and Jack about Kenya, but Featherstone claims he can spot a peasant like himself a mile off. Jack and Victor confess to Pam and Liz that they had lied in order to impress them. It turns out that in turn, Pam and Liz are poor as well and come from Parkmill. The episode ends with the pensioners and William Featherstone running away from the house while being chased by the hounds.

After the credits roll, the butler of Blairtunnoch house answers the door to see Navid pretending to be Prince Navid, who claims he has shot his lame horse and requires shelter. The butler is not fooled and shuts the door in Navid's face.