Eager to escape his neighbours from Hell, Jack decides it's time to relocate to a more salubrious part of Craiglang. Could the death of Victor's neighbour be Jack's chance to live the high life in Osprey Heights?


Series Name
Season 1, Episode 1
Air date 6th September 2002
Written by Ford Kiernan and Greg Hemphill
Directed by Michael Hines
Episode Guide

The episode opens with Jack tidying his garden when he distracted by Peggy fighting with her husband, Charlie. A man, who lives above Jack, throws a cigarette stub down into Jack's garden. Jack throws the stub back up, and then the man empties his bin on top of Jack. Victor comes and asks Jack if he wants to go for a beer, which Jack agrees to and they go off to the Clansman.

Outside Navid's, Winston grandson Joe is lifting some boxes, when some young boy’s ask for a box of Curly Wurly’s. Winston tells them to get lost and Joe try's to reason with them, and then one of them punches Joe in the groin. The young lad’s go away, chanting “easy, easy, easy”. Inside Navid's, Winston want's Navid to put up a poster of his grandson’s fight that is coming up. When Winston asks Navid if he’ll be coming, he asks his wife who then replies in Hindi that “Our niece could get that boy’s arse”.

In the clansman Tam wangles a free beer and a free cigarette off a workman, Jack and victor enter and wind up Boaby the barman. Jack starts talking to Victor about moving out of his old house. Isa comes over and says that Victor's next door neighbour has died and that there's a wake at his house. Jack decides to take a look so he and victor go to the wake in his house to look at things in the house; they find a peephole and muck about with it until the priest tells them to open the door. They then leave to go to the real estate office to see about getting the house, but it isn't available to buy yet. They try to bribe the housing officer with a £5 note and 2 pound coins which he takes and puts in the charity bottle. The housing officer tells them he can get them the keys, only if he could move on Wednesday.

The next day Jack moves with the help of some men from the Clansman, including Winston and Joe. They load the van up and the van drives off and explodes, destroying Jack's stuff. Jack is now living with Victor until he buys a new bed, and he eats all of Victor's biscuits.

After the credits roll, there is a sketch of Joe's boxing match which he loses in 10 seconds.

Featured Characters Edit

Jack Jarvis Ford Kiernan

Victor McDade

Greg Hemphill
Winston Ingram Paul Riley
Isa Drennan

Jane McCarry

Navid Harrid Sanjeev Kohli
Tam Mullen Mark Cox
Old Eric James Martin
Joe Ingram Gordon McCorkell