Dug (Scots word for Dog) is the ninth episode of the second series of Still Game.

Series Name
Season 2, Episode 9
Air date 23 May 2003
Written by Ford Kiernan and Greg Hemphill
Directed by Michael Hines
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Jack and Victor are depressed with the wet and windy weather of Craiglang. Jack is initially excited by the fact that he has a tape from his daughter, Fiona, in Canada, but is soon depressed again after watching it. Jack feels sad because his daughter, son in-law and grandchildren live so far away from him. Victor suggests that Jack should phone Fiona and arrange a holiday in Canada. Jack agrees, and in turn, suggests that Victor should phone his son, John, in order to arrange a holiday in South Africa.

Meanwhile, Isa's estranged husband, Harry, has returned to Craiglang again. This time, Isa wants nothing to do with him. Harry claims to be penniless and homeless, but Isa refuses to take him back.

In the Clansman, Boaby is running a 'guess the name of the dog' competition for charity. The dog is actually electric and runs on batteries and owner has to give the dog commands. Jack chooses the name Richard and Victor chooses the name Matthew. Just then, Isa comes into the pub in a state because she has just been hassled by Harry. Isa says that she told Harry she met a new man. Winston decides to pretend to be Isa's new boyfriend, in order to fend off Harry. It turns out that Victor has won the dog because the dog's name is Matthew.

However, things don't go well for Victor. Matthew fails to respond to Victor's commands, and Matthew shows suicidal behaviour such as walking in front of a moving skateboard. To make matters worse, Victor is told by John that he is too busy for his dad to come through. Jack suggests to Victor that he should come with him to Canada, but Victor gets angry with Jack for pressurising him to phone John. It is also apparent that Victor is jealous of Jack for having a close relationship with his daughter. With this, Jack and Victor fall out.

As for Winston and Isa, Harry is doubtful of their relationship, and follows them everywhere, to see if they slip up.

On the night before Jack leaves for Canada, he has a drink in the Clansman to see him off. Victor comes into the pub and apologises for his behaviour. The two friends reconcile, but now Victor is regretting his decision to stay at home.

In Isa's house, Winston and Isa are having a drink, when Harry knocks at the door. Harry still has his keys and opens the door. Winston and Isa go into the bedroom. After finding a half full can of beer, Harry finds Winston and Isa faking sex in the bed. After this, Isa gently explains to Harry that their marriage is finished. Harry acknowledges defeat and leaves Isa for good.

Before the plane takes off, Jack finds himself sitting beside a loudmouth. However, it turns out that the man is in Victor's seat and Victor admits that he booked the flight the day before. Jack and Victor fly off to Toronto together.

After the credits roll, Winston and Isa are still together. It appears that they have adopted Matthew, who seems to be happier now.