Drama is the first episode of the fifth series of Still Game.

Series Name
Season 5, Episode 1
Air date 19 June 2006
Written by Ford Kiernan and Greg Hemphill
Directed by Michael Hines
Episode Guide
Cold Turkey
Fresh Lick


The episode opens in Jack's house, where Jack and Victor are bored because it's winter and pitch black at 3pm. They decide to ease the boredom by having a drink of malt whisky

The bad weather doesn't dampen the spirits of the other pensioners in Craiglang, as the bookies is opening again. All except Winston, who still has bad memories of Stevie stealing his money in Cairds.

In Navid's shop, Jack and Victor ask Navid if he can offer them a decent whisky. Navid says he doesn't have any special whiskies as he mainly sells vodka drinks. Although, he suggests that Jack and Victor go to the whisky tastings at Oddbins. Pete the jakey says he used to go to that but he was barred after he got drunk on the whisky bottle and split the man's head open with the empty. Pete then asks Navid if he could hold a tasting, but Navid gives him a sarcastic answer. Jack and Victor leave the shop very happy.

Outside, Jack and Victor find that the bookies have got the racing horse, Captain Dandy, to celebrate the opening. Winston arrives to confront Stevie, who now sports a bald head. The man denies he is Stevie, and Winston attempts to attack him, although he accidentally hits the horse instead. The police restrain Winston while the man says he is Stevie's brother, Frankie. Winston is not arrested, but he is very angry and vows to expose Stevie.

At the whisky tasting, Jack and Victor have several drams. Jack wins a trip to a distillery on a scratchcard.

Winston is at the bookies, determined to catch Stevie off guard. He has a bet on, although he tells Eric it is an experiment. Winston's horse wins the race and soon goes off to see if this has affected Stevie's mood. Stevie, still under the guise of Frankie, is in a cheerful mood. He nearly shows his true colours when he tries to stop Winston getting his money. Winston warns Stevie that he will catch him off guard.

Next morning, Stevie goes to open the bookies. He goes into the toilets to shave his head, but he discovers Winston hiding in a cubicle. Winston asks why would Stevie be shaving his baldy bit. It's because he isn't baldy at all. Stevie admits to the scam, although he gloats that Winston cannot prove it as he has identification to prove he is Frankie and the police think Winston is crazy. Stevie says that Winston should have brought a witness. Tam opens the other cubicle and says: "Morning Stevie. That's you run out of bog roll". Stevie is now worried he could be prosecuted and he pays Winston his £32,500. Later that day, Winston is in his house thinking what he could do with his money. He turns the TV on and John McCririck tells Winston to get down to the bookies. At the bookies Winston starts betting, although he goes on a massive losing streak. Tam tries to take Winston away from the bookies, when he makes one final bet on Spartan Dream. Winston wins the bet. As it was 10-1, Winston wins £30,000 plus his £3000 stake money, so he is £500 richer. Stevie looks at the door, thinking about doing a runner for the second time. Winston makes him pay.

At the distillery, Jack and Victor are on a tour. The tour guide tells them that they will get a drink at the end of the tour. They get shown some special bottles of whisky. One has been filtered through heather and another is a bottle that was from a line specially made for the Hollywood actor, Clark Gable. At one point, Jack and Victor find a whisky barrel and they steal some whisky from the barrel into Victor's hipflask. They are soon disappointed that the tour was so short, but they find another tour starting with a different tour guide, so they join onto that. On the second tour, Jack answers the tour guides questions on the special bottles of whisky. She is impressed. They meet a couple of old women who they share their stolen whisky with. By the time of the third tour, Jack and Victor are really drunk. They notice the first tour guide and try to escape. They are found with the women in the room with the barrels. At the bus stop, Jack and Victor are sad that they let the women on the bus, but not them. Jack reveals he has stolen the Clark Gable whisky bottle and says "Frankly my dear, I don't give a damn".

After the credits roll, Winston is at Victor's house, telling Jack and Victor his story. As Jack and Victor are hungover, they are drinking tea. Winston says that Stevie had a look on his face as if he had just planted him one right in the balls. To demonstrate his action, Winston kicks his leg, but accidentally kicks his false leg off and out the window. He was using his false leg as a safe for his money and a hooded youth steals Winston's false leg and £33,000, leaving Winston gutted.