Doacters (Scots word for Doctors) is the third episode of the second series of Still Game.

Series Name
Season 2, Episode 3
Air date 11 April 2003
Written by Ford Kiernan and Greg Hemphill
Directed by Michael Hines
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Jack and Victor are starting to feel their age when they both fail to stop a rolling flask of soup, while having lunch on the fly in the library.

Meanwhile, Winston and Tam are fighting over who gets to go out with Frances, the librarian.

In the Clansman, Jack and Victor meet their friend Eric, who is fed up with his body. Eric says he feels like a young man trapped in an old man's body. Just then, Stewart Anderson enters the pub. Stewart is said to have been so depressed, he was an inch from death. However, Stewart has been taking an American drug to cure his depression. He recommends Jack and Victor to take the drugs. They are reluctant at first, but soon warm to the idea.

Later on, Jack and Victor decide that they need to convince the doctor that they are really depressed. It works for them, and they get the tablets.

Tam ruins Winston's chances of going out with Frances by pretending to be intellectual in order to impress her. In doing so, Tam ends up making Winston look like a fool in front of Frances.

Next morning, Jack and Victor take their tablets. Sure enough, they really feel the effects as they are full of life. They even surprise Isa by wanting to listen to her gossip.

Tam meets Winston and apologises for his behaviour. Winston gives Tam his book that he left at the pub the night before.

That evening, Jack and Victor are getting things going at the dancing. They have everyone dancing to the slosh. They meet Stewart in the toilets and tell him that the tablets are making them urinate frequently. Stewart asks them are they sticking on the soft drinks. They reveal that they have been drinking 5 lagers, much to Stewart's horror. It turns out for Jack and Victor that the side effects of drinking alcohol with the tablets is that it makes their skin turn black.

After the credits, Tam goes into bed to read his book. Tam is horrified to see that Winston has ruined his book, by cutting a hole through the pages and putting a fucking massive shite in its place. Tam nearly screams the entire planet down.