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There's no fool like an old fool and Jack is head over heels with the dazzler who works behind the counter in his local charity shop. Victor is less than bowled over when her not quite so attractive sister turns up for a double date with a difference.


Series Name
Season 1, Episode 4
Air date 27th Septemeber 2002
Written by Ford Kiernan and Greg Hemphill
Directed by Michael Hines
Episode Guide

The episode opens with Winston being thrown out of the Clansman by Boaby, who tells him that he is barred indefinitely.

Meanwhile, Jack and Victor are out shopping. They visit a charity shop, where an elderly woman named Barbara, whom Jack fancies, is working. Victor encourages Jack to ask Barabara out on a date. Jack goes to ask Barbara out, but he has cold feet and runs out the shop.

Victor goes after Jack and he finds Winston drinking with a gang of youths. Victor asks Winston why is he drinking with such people. Winston tells Victor that he was barred by Boaby after an argument over a cloudy pint, resulting in Winston spitting in out on Boaby. Victor suggests that Winston should go to Brown's instead.

Back at Jack's house, he is looking at a photo of his wedding day. Victor asks him why he ran out, and Jack admits that he fears he would be betraying the memory of his late wife, Jean. Victor points out that Jean has been dead for 10 years, and that going on a date with Barbara will not betray Jean's memory, as Jean would want Jack to be happy. Jack agrees to try again.

Jack goes to ask Barbara out again, although it turns out that Thursday is normally the day Barbara goes out with her sister. Barbara suggests that they could all go out together as a double date, meaning that Victor would have her sister as a date. Jack and Victor agree to this.

As for Winston, he goes have a pint in Brown's, but leaves quickly after a man is shot by a gunman.

On the day of the date, Jack and Victor meet Barbara and her sister, Edith, off the bus. It turns out that Edith is hideously ugly, much to Victor's disgust. Outside the Clansman, they meet Winston, who is still barred and has resorted to having Tam bring him out a pint. Jack and Barbara have a lovely day, but Victor is sick of being slagged for going out with someone as ugly as Edith. When they depart to go back home, Barbara says she will phone Jack.

It turns out that Jack and Barbara have a good relationship, at the expense of Jack and Victor's friendship. Eventually, Isa meets Victor in Navid's and informs him that Barbara is married.

Victor confronts Barbara in the charity shop, and says that she has no right being with Jack, due to the fact she is married. After this, Barbara understands that she shouldn't be going out with Jack any longer, and they break off the relationship.

Jack and Victor make friends again, and after a lovely steak meal, they go to the Clansman. They meet Winston, who has disguised himself with a hat and false moustache. Boaby gives Winston a cloudy pint, causing Winston to angrily reveal himself, much to the hilarity to his friends.

After the credits roll, Winston wakes up in bed with a hangover. To his horror, Winston discovers he has slept the night with Edith.