It's a winter of discontent for the boys, the pavements are like an ice rink and the wind would take the face off you. Jack is chittering but Victor refuses to switch on the electric fire. So why is their pal Winston turning up the heat?


Series Name
Season One, Episode 3
Air date 20th September 2002
Written by Ford Kiernan and Greg Hemphill
Directed by Michael Hines
Episode Guide

Craiglang is under the worst winter in many years. The ice is causing pensioners such as Jack, Victor and Eric to slip, despite wearing proper footwear.

Jack and Victor decide to pay their friend, Wully Napier, a visit. Unfortunately, they discover that Wully has died of hypothermia. Since Wully's phone is not working, Jack and Victor have to visit Wully's next door neighbour, Manky Frankie, in order to phone Wully's son.

Back at Victor's house, Jack and Victor argue about putting the electric fire on. Victor refuses as he feels it is too expensive. At the Clansman, Jack and Victor are shocked to discover that the locals are running a 'Hypothermia Sweepstake', taking bets on who is going to die next.

At Winston's house, the place is like an oven, due to many electrical fires blazing away. Jack and Victor cannot understand how Winston is able to afford such electricity. Winston shows them that he has rigged his meter in order to get free electricity. Jack is impressed, but Victor is disgusted at Winston for stealing. Jack ends up agreeing with Victor after being told that they would end up in jail if they rigged their meters.

Around Craiglang, Jack and Victor notice that other people are stealing electricity, such as Navid, Stevie the Bookie and also the Cafe. They meet Winston and Tam in the cafe, and it turns out that Tam is involved in taking free electricity too. Tam informs Jack and Victor that they are 'even money' in the hypothermia sweepstake, because they are refusing to take free electricity. Winston tells Jack and Victor that they have every right to take electricity, since the government expect pensioners to die. Jack agrees to be fitted up, but Victor is still refusing.

At Wully Napier's funeral, Victor rebukes Jack and Winston for being thieves. It turns out that even Father Graham has agreed with Winston to be fitted with free electricity. Finally, Jack finds Victor in his flat, freezing cold. At long last, Victor gives in, and agrees for Winston to rig his meter. After a while, Victor now has free electricity and switches on his fire. This causes all the lights in Osprey Heights to go off. Then Victor switches on the kettle, causing the lights in the scheme to go out. Eventually, Victor switches on the television, causing all the lights in Craiglang to go out. The only light is the one in Victor's house. Jack says "I suppose the beauty of the scheme is that there is so many people in this scheme, they will never now who's stealing it".

After the credits roll, Jack and Victor are taking a walk outside, to get a break from their warm flats. Jack tells Victor that he had a dream about the late Wully Napier, where he showed him the body of Jack Lord. Victor asks if Jack Lord is dead, to what Jack doesn't know the answer.