Buntin (Scots word for Bunting) is the eighth episode of the second series of Still Game.

Series Name
Season 2, Episode 8
Air date 16 May 2003
Written by Ford Kiernan and Greg Hemphill
Directed by Michael Hines
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The episode opens with Navid opening his shop. When he gets round the back, Navid is annoyed to find the place is a mess, as someone (or something) has been raiding his bins. Navid sees Pete the Jakey resting there, and takes it out on him. Pete tries to say it was a fox, but Navid does not believe him.

Meanwhile, Jack and Victor are having a Sunday cooked breakfast while discussing the grand opening of the new Community Centre.

In the Clansman, Boaby is decorating the pub with Buntin, in order to make it look attractive to the dignitries who are taking part in the Community Centre opening. Tam is shocked when Boaby reveals that he stole the buntin from Brian Dexter's showroom, because Brian Dexter is in prison and is dangerous. Boaby believes that Brian has other things to worry about in prison like his business and if anyone is sleeping with his wife. Just then, Pete the Jakey comes in wearing a suit. He claims he is working as an undercover agent for the government as protection for the council officials, but nobody believes him. Jack and Victor mock Pete by singing the James Bond theme.

Navid's wife, Meena, tells him that there was a fox at the back of the shop the night before. Navid feels bad for having a go at Pete and goes to apologise, but Pete doesn't hear him. In order to catch the fox, Navid enlists the help of Winston and Shug, who has brought night-vision goggles.

Jack and Victor are curious about Pete's behaviour and go to follow him about town. They meet Winston, who tells them about taking part in attempting to catch the fox. Jack and Victor tell Winston about Pete, but Winston thinks that they made up the story to impress him. Eventually, Jack and Victor track Pete down in Glasgow. They see him in a hotel, going into a lift with two men in suits.

That night, Navid, Winston and Shug go out the back of Navid's shop to catch the fox. They hide behind the bins, and Winston soon finds himself bored. Unfortunately, two policemen are bursting for the toilet. Unaware that three men are hiding behind the bins, one of them urinates on Navid's tank top. Navid blows his cover.

Next morning, Jack and Victor go to the opening of the Community Centre. They see Pete in his suit, standing beside the council officials. Neds are also in the crowd. When the council official declared the Community Centre open, the neds proceed to take out eggs. Pete sees this and tries to stop them, but the eggs hit the council official and Pete is wrestled to the ground by the police. Jack and Victor get caught up in the scuffle and are also arrested.

Outside the police station, Jack and Victor are angry with Pete for lying. They also meet Winston, Navid and Shug, who were arrested the night before for looking suspicious. Pete apologises for lying, but says that he did it because he was fed up at always being made fun of for being a smelly, alcoholic tramp. The other men forgive Pete, but Pete soon confesses to raiding Navid's bins and Navid is annoyed once again.

Just before the credits, it is revealed that Brian Dexter has been released from prison. His henchman tells him the news that Brian's business is down the tubes, Boaby the barman stole his bunting and that Davey Taylor is sleeping with Brian's wife. Brian asks his henchman to repeat who stole his bunting.

After the credits roll, Pete is back to living behind Navid's shop. Pete appears to speak into a phone, disguised as a shoe. He is apparently speaking to the government, saying that he is still free to be a secret agent.