Big Yin (Scots words for big one) is the fourth episode of the third series of Still Game.

Series Name
Season 3, Episode 4
Air date 28 May 2004
Written by Ford Kiernan and Greg Hemphill
Directed by Michael Hines
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The episode opens with Navid's shop being robbed by some neds. Recently, the neds have been causing a lot of trouble for the residents of Craiglang. Jack and Victor have noticed the graffiti in the lift of Osprey Heights spelling CYT, the acronym for Craiglang Young Team.

Meanwhile, Winston has applied for a job at Food Fare. He is doing this because he is too fond of the pub and the bookies and is struggling to survive on the pension he receives. Fortunately, he is taken on.

Jack and Victor scold a gang of neds for spray painting, but all they get for their trouble is their coats sprayed. They both have tits (breasts) painted on their coats. Boaby cannot help but laugh at Jack and Victor, but he admits that the neds have been too much for him too. Eric comments that the trouble wouldn't be going on if Innes was still there. Jack and Victor remember their old friend Big Innes, a large man who wouldn't accept any nonsense. Eric tells them at Innes now lives on a croft in Elgin. Jack phones Innes, and Innes' wife answers the phone. She allows Innes to come to Craiglang on the promise that he is not to drink Midori, which has a strange effect on him.

At Food Fare, Winston is being bullied by a young man named Kevin for being old. Kevin taunts Winston for struggling with the trollies and thinks it's "boggin" for an old man to be working in a supermarket. Winston tries his best to ignore Kevin.

Navid has a new electronic door sensor installed in order to alert him of people entering the shop. Jack and Victor tell Navid that help is on its way in the form of Big Innes. Navid is impressed. Jack and Victor make a point of buying Navid's only bottle of Midori to prevent Innes from drinking it.

That evening, Innes arrives in Craiglang. Jack allows Innes to stay at his house at takes him to the pub, where he is welcomed by Victor and Eric. Boaby is amazed at how tall Innes is. Innes asks for Midori, but Boaby says he has none left. Just then, a ned comes in and goes to the toilet. Boaby orders him out, but the ned just insults him. Innes has a word with the ned, and the ned faints at the sight of Innes.

Next morning, Jack is showing Victor how much food Innes is eating. He has eaten a whole loaf of bread - half in sandwiches and the other half toasted. Also, Innes has eaten six eggs like Smarties. Innes is seen eating a whole box of Cornflakes with a full pint of milk from a soup pot. Victor laughs at Innes' eating habits.

Winston is still being bullied by Kevin. An elderly worker, named Andy, speaks to Winston and advices him to be friendly with Kevin and then take him down. Winston believes Andy is mad.

Jack and Victor confront the ned who spray painted them. Innes picks up the ned and throughs him in a skip. A montage is shown of Innes rounding up the neds from Craiglang and sorting them out. After a few day, the neds run for cover and Innes is victorious. Craiglang is then shown to be nice and peaceful again.

Navid comments to Jack and Victor of how well Innes has done. He teases them that he told Innes that the bottle of Midori is hiding under Jack's bed.

Innes helps Isa to move her new cooker into her house. He even throughs out Isa's old cooker into the skip below.

Things have come to a showdown between Winston and Kevin over the pricing guns. Winston thinks he has beaten Kevin, but Kevin has the last laugh as Winston has just stamped tins of peas with a £9.99 pricing sticker.

At Jack's house, Jack is cooking a massive steak for Innes as a thank you for his good work. Jack tells Victor to get rid of the bottle of Midori. They look through the peephole and see Innes going into the lift. Victor hides the Midori bottle in the plasitc plant in the landing. Just then, Isa screams in horror as Innes has left a giant poo in her toilet. She takes domestos toilet cleaner to get rid of it and tells Jack and Victor that Innes went to Food Fare for Midori.

Jack and Victor race to Food Fare narrowly beating Innes to it. With Winston's help, they put all the bottles of Midori in a trolley and hide the trolley in the store room. Innes leaves the shop without Midori. Kevin insults the three OAPs, but by now, Winston has had enough and punches Kevin in the face. Winston promptly resigns.

Isa meets Innes in the pub and unwitingly gives him Jack's bottle of Midori which Innes downs in one.

Jack and Victor tell Winston how well Innes has down cleaning up the town. They go into the pub to find the place in a mess. Nearly everyone is injured with Isa tending to their wounds and Innes is fast asleep on the floor. Jack and Victor suss that it was Midori which Isa confirms.

After the credits roll, Innes is going back home to Elgin on the train. Innes is talking to an old lady about visiting his friends in Craiglang, but admits that he might have "outstayed his welcome". A man comes with a drinks trolley and offers Innes drinks such as Vodka, Gin, Whiskey and Midori and the camera pans in on Innes' eye.